Abril 2017:The firs look of our fashion show at Feria Internacional de la Moda de Tenerife, on "Con Estilo" Magazine.


November 2016:Looks of our 2017 collection sellected as trend by italian Beachwear on Stage magazine.



July 2016: Our collection on Marie Claire during Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week.


April 2016:  Our designer Gabriel Croissier, giving his National Award for Excellence,  to the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Antonio Morales, and the Minister for Industry and Trade Minerva Alonso, in gratitude for the support received from the Gran Canaria Moda Calida program since his incorporation in 2010. The Association of Young and new Designers of Spain (ANDE), a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the work of new fashion talent, selected Croissier among a dozen contenders for the award last March in a ceremony held at the Museum of Costume in Madrid, at which time he announced that he would deliver the Cabildo.



Septiembre 2015:Interview on El 29 magazine



August 2015:Resume of our 2016 fashion show during SFWGCMC, on Blint Internacional magazine



August 2015:Binter Airways onboard magazine, selected on of our mens looks talking about SFWGCMC



Julio 2015:Presenting our 2016 collection at the Bubble London trade fair



June 2015:Our kids 2016 collection infantil at SFWGCMC published on



June 2015:CROISSIER from our 2016 collection,on the cover of dominical suplement YES



May 2015:Presentation Swimwear Fashion Week Gran Canaria Moda Cálida, designer Gabriel Croissier and collaborators

March 2015:2015 collection on Crónicas de Gran Canaria

February 2015:Croissier swimwear on promotional turistic campaign of Canary Islands

November 2014: Le Petit Croissier at Fashion & Friends by Canaria Moda Cálida 


Agost 2014: C7 magazine show Pasarela Moda Cálida, with Croissier runway.


June 2014: asimétric swimwear and camu/floral dress on After Magazine


May 2014: Patricia Martinez wearing Croissier  bikini at spanish TV contest Mira quién salta! 


May 2014: Leo Cámara wearing Croissier swimwear on spanish TV contest  Mira quién salta! Tele 5. 


May 2014: Croissier Bikini and male white swimwear with floral embroidery on Diez Minutos Mag


May 2014: Croissier board shorts on Sálvame Mag


April 2014:  Laura Manzanedo and Sergi Capdevila wearing Croissier at Mira quién salta! Tele 5 


April 2014: CROISSIER  on international CYL mag.


April 2014:  Croissier on international Beachwear on stage magazine. Looks 1, 2 and 7.


April 2014: Croissier on Beachwear on stage mag 


March 2014:Opening Gran Canaria Moda Cálida corner at El Corte Inglés de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


March 2014:  Croissier swimwear on the cover of australian DNA Mag photography by Simon Le. 


September 2014: Miss World Spain Tenerife, and Mr International Spain Tenerife wearing CROISSIER.


July 2013: CROISSIER on Trend Berry made, at Swimwear Fashion Show Gran Canaria Moda Cálida.



March 2013: shows Beatriz Trapote and Sonia Ferrer wearing CROISSIER, at TV contest  MIRA QUIEN SALTA, Tele 5


February 2013: CROISSIER opens resume of Valencia Fashion Week, on Beachwear on stage mag.


September 2012: Gabriel Croissier on Stylo Magazine


February 2012: Croissier on Redken NYC 5th Avenue anual book.


Agost 2011: FOTO DIGITAL Nº Agost 2011 cover with  CROISSIER swimwear shooted by Máximo Arroyo.