Terms and Conditions

Read attentively these conditions # The present regular General Conditions explicitly the relations arisen among GABRIEL CROISSIER. ., Maltese street Nº16 - 2º 35002 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, and with 42871917d (on, "gabrielcroissier.es") and the third parties (on, "Users") that be given of high as the users and/or acquire products through the store online of the official website of gabrielcroissier.es (http://www.gabrielcroissier.es", on the "Store").


A.Obligations of the user.

The User is obliged, with general character, to utilize the Store, to acquire the Products and to utilize each one of the services of the Store of diligent form, according to the law, the morale, the law and order and the arranged thing in these General Conditions, and likewise he should be abstained to utilize them in any form that he can impede, to damage or to deteriorate the normal operation and enjoyment of the Store by part Of the Users or that could injure or to cause damages to the goods and rights of gabrielcroissier.es, his suppliers, Users or in general of any third.


B.Products y prices.


2. The Products included in the Store will correspond of the form more trustworthy possible than permitting the technology of viewing in web to the Products really offered. The characteristics of the Products and their prices appear in the Store. The prices indicated in the Store are in Euro and they do not include the VAT, save indication in opponent.


C.Procedure and forms of payment of the products.

1. In the maximum time limit of twenty-four (24) hours, Gabrielcroissier.es will send an e-mail to the User, confirming him the purchase. Said e-mail will assign a code of reference of the purchase, and will detail the characteristics of the Product, its price, the postage and handling and the data of the different options to perform the payment of the Products to Gabrielcroissier.es

2. The User that acquire a product through the Store should perform the payment by means of the systems of payment specifically detailed in the Store.

3. Gabrielcroissier.es will file the electronic documents in which the contract be finalized, putting back a copy to the once done User the purchase. The contract will be carried out in the Spanish tongue. 4. The confirmation of the order sent by Gabrielcroissier.es does not have validity as bill, alone like proof of purchase. Gabrielcroissier.es will send next to the Product the bill pertaining to the same one.


D.Right of withdrawal.

1. The user has the right of withdrawal by the one that will be able to be put in contact with I Suggest interior through the e-mail in the following direction: info@croissier.org and to desist of the purchase in a time limit not over seven (7) work days, cash from the reception of the Product. The Product should be sent along with the leaf of refund properly complimented and a copy of the invoice of delivery or of the bill, properly complimented,, being the duty of Gabrielcroissier.es the direct price of refund of the Product. Said refund will be done according to the instructions that Gabrielcroissier.es indicate the User in response to its notification of the exercise of withdrawal. The User should return the Product in the maximum time limit of seven (7) days since Gabrielcroissier.es indicate him the form of refund.


2. The withdrawal involves the refund of the full amount. For it, the client should indicate in the leaf of refund the number and the holder of the credit card to which Gabrielcroissier.es he should perform the guarantee. The time limit for said guarantee will be the established in the Law.

3. It will not be able to be exercised the right of withdrawal when the Product be not returned in its original packing and when the Product be not in perfect state. And.customer service For any incident, claim or exercise of its rights, the User will be able to send an e-mail to the direction info@croissier.org


F.delivery service to residence.

1. The Products bought from bias of the Store will be sent to the direction of delivery that the User indicate once verified the payment, being the maximum time limit of delivery that of thirty (30) days established by defect in the Law.

2. The delivery service of Gabrielcroissier.es, is carried out in contribution with different logistic users of recognized prestige.

3. The price of the shipments is not included in the price of the Products. At the moment of acquisition of the Product, the User will be reported of the exact price of shipment.


G.copyright and industrial.

1. The User recognizes that all the elements of the Store and of each one of the Products, the information and contained materials in the same, the marks, the structure, selection, ordering and presentation of their contents, and the programs of computer utilized in relation to them, they are protected by rights of copyright and industrialist of the own one Gabrielcroissier.es or third party, and that the General Conditions do not attribute him respect To you said right of patent rights and intellectual no another different right from the specifically contemplated in the same.

2. Unless they to be authorized by Gabrielcroissier.es or in his case by the regular third parties of the corresponding rights, or unless it result legally permitted, the User will not be able to reproduce, to transform, to modify, desensamblar, to carry out inverse engineering, to distribute, to rent, to lend, to put available, or to permit the access to the public through any modality of public communication of none of the above-mentioned elements in the previous paragraph. The User should utilize the materials, elements and information to which he agree through the utilization of the Store only for his own needs, obliging not to carry out neither direct neither indirectly a commercial exploitation of the materials, elements and information obtained through the same.

3. The User should be abstained to elude or to manipulate any technical devices established by Gabrielcroissier.es or by third parties in the Store.


H. Protection of data.

1. In accordance with the Law 15/99 LOPD, we report him that its personal data and other information facilitated by means of the registration form, as well as the coming one of the transactions carried out, will be included and conserved in a card index for its processing, property of Gabrielcroissier.es, while itself not its cancellation be requested. The processing will be destined to the development and execution of the sale, the attention personalized of the products and services that acquire and to the improvement of said attention, as well as to the promotion of products and own services and of third businesses linked to Gabrielcroissier.es Likewise, him is reported that its data will be positions at the disposal of the businesses for the purposes indicated/ Gabrielcroissier.es will treat these data with the maximum confidentiality Being the exclusive and unique recipient of the same, and not performing transfers or communications to third parties to the margin of them indicated by the regulations currently in force. The user authorizes explicitly to Gabrielcroissier.es the remission, even through electronic media, on the part of Gabrielcroissier.es and of them cited companies, of commercial communications and offerings and promotional contests.

2. The User will be able to exercise at any moment the rights of access, correction, opposition or cancellation being directed to Gabrielcroissier.es or by means of e-mail directed to info@croissier.org, including copy of his N. I. F. or document identificativo substitute.


I. Passwords

Gabrielcroissier.es will facilitate the use of personal passwords to the user that be registered like such on the website. Said passwords will serve for the access to the services lent through the website. The user should maintain under their exclusive responsibility the passwords in the strictest and absolute confidentiality, assuming, therefore, as many as damages or consequences of all types be derive from the breaking or revelation of the secret. By reasons of security, the password of telematic access to the services linked to the website will be able to be modified in every moment by the user. The User compromises to notify to Gabrielcroissier.es immediately any unauthorized use of his password, as well as the access by unauthorized third parties to the same one.


J. applicable Law and statute.

The present general conditions are governed for the Spanish legislation. Any controversy arisen of the interpretation or execution that could arise in relation to the validity, interpretation, compliance or resolution of the present contract will be submitted to the Jurisdiction and Competence of the Courts and Courts of the City of THE PALMS OF GREAT CANARY, with renunciation to the statute that could correspond to the User, provided that the applicable legislation thus permit it.