About us

About us


The brand GABRIEL CROISSIER was created in 2004 in Barcelona by Gabriel Macias, after graduating as Senior Technician of Art and Design in Fashion Styling at the Escola Llotja. Initially designed swimwear for men only, but later returned to Gran Canaria and start creating garments for women under the Mademoiselle collection, and from 2013 also dress children with our kids line Le petit Croissier.


We give lots of  importance to the design and the finishing touches of our products. Their quality is definitely the highest on the market. The swimsuits are made with up-market fabrics and accessories of European origin, in our own atelier in Spain.

Our swimwear designs are studied to be close to your body, sexy and comfortable. Our swimsuits are presented to you in a wide range of solid/plain colours; but also with a combination of colours and  completely exclusive prints and patterns made of the best italian textil.

CROISSIER offers you exclusive collections to  really make the difference and to become the center of attention. Whatever your style, there is a CROISSIER for you!


Fashion Weeks and Trade Fairs:



We have shown our collections on diferents catwalks, like Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Show and Pasarela Moda Calada, both in Gran Canaria, and also at Valencia Fashion Week.


For the international delopment we have exhibited on internationals Trade Fairs like Mode City in Paris, and Body Look in Dusseldorf, and Bubblein London


We also have participated on other events like Fashion & Friends by Gran Canaria Moda Cálida, or   Mencey Fashion Room in Tenerife and   the Secret Market at Hotel Bed & Chic in Gran Canaria.


 It’s important for us that you are fully satisfied. A question, an advise on the right size to choose, a doubt when purchasing. Our customer service is available to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to send them to us via email or your boubs or requirements.


If you are looking to stock our products in your store, please contact us via email at info@croissier.org.


Follow us in twitter: https://twitter.com/Croissier

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CROISSIER-SWIMWEAR/262013483827414?ref=hl

Instagram: @gcroissier and @lpcroissier for kids